Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update - Househunting

We have been looking into moving house. No rush! Our lease is up but the owner is not jumping up and down that we must leave. We really can't stay here for much longer. This house is over 100 years old and the lounge and one of the bedrooms still have horsehair plaster walls. Those walls are bulging, cracking and falling off the studs. The carpet is also threadbare in a patch or two.

This house has served us well, a good rental price and a good amount of space. Now we need to find something that is in better condition but hopefully still has a good amount of space at a reasonable price.

So far my search has included modern homes, old homes and even an ancient home. lol We will be putting an application in on the ancient home as it has great living spaces. And it is close to dh's work too. I am also putting an application in on a totally modern home further out but has a great yard and it would be nice to have new carpet and new windows with screens.

Homeschool has fallen off the list as I spend a lot of time just managing home and house inspections. Dh is on his Easter break so there will be another 2 weeks of not much happening, but I am hoping to really get back to real life soon. School will either start up after we move (if we get approved on either of the houses I am applying for) or when dh goes back to work. I think the boys will appreciate that.

Best wishes