Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hate dentists!

Well, in actual fact, it isn't the dentist I hate, more the pain I tend to be in before I get the guts to make the appointment that will ease the pain.

I have a history of bad teeth. I have gaps between my teeth that do not lend themselves to easy care and I also tend to eat quite a lot of sugary/sweet foods. Result- 3 root canals already done, one since extracted just recently as it wasn't crowned before it crumbled into pieces about 2 years ago (see what I mean about not having the guts to just get it done) and now another 4 molars extracted on my left side. Now I need 3 more root canals on my right so that I have a decent chance of eating proper food instead of just nibbling everything.

Can you guess that I am becoming a lot more diligent about cleaning my teeth and flossing between them? I wish I could also cut down the sweet foods or the gluggy ones (like potato chips and bread and biscuits) as I am just so sick of the pain from food jammed into gaps between teeth.

Now I just need to bite the bullet so to speak and call the dentist on Monday to make an appointment to ease this pain. Are you "rooting" for me? Bad joke!

Best wishes
Jen in Oz

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It seems to be disappearing from common use, but I much prefer the phrase Merry Christmas over Happy Christmas. It just doesn't seem right to use the new way. Maybe I am just becoming an old fuddy duddy.

I am really enjoying this Christmas season. Dh has got work and isn't stressed this year, 2 factors that I haven't had happen at the same time over the Christmas period at all in our married life. I have been able to buy presents with a budget but not so strict I am inwardly panicking. I have been able to buy special treats and make special things without worry about the normal groceries for the week after Christmas.

I know they say money isn't everything, but when it was been a rough last 16 years at Christmas either due to dh working very long hours retail, or him having very little or no work at all; well... let's just say this Christmas is being more enjoyable for us all.

So far I have iced a Christmas cake, even made an icing tree for on top and decorated it; made a batch of our favourite Fruit Mince and Chocolate Muffins; and I have even got my first ever icecream cake in the freezer. Sadly I have also eaten most of what I have made. lol

Well, if you have found this blog you are a friend or family and I would like to wish you an old fashioned Merry Christmas and I hope your family is together and happy for this very special day.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Routines with Very Young Children

When your children are very young the clock can seem to be your enemy. Try this idea for managing your day. Organise your day with the idea of routines inside bubbles of time.

For example before and after breakfast routines that include making beds, cleaning teeth, getting dressed etc leading on to cleaning for you while he does independent play. The amount of time for cleaning/independent play flexes to a longer or shorter time depending on his ability to play on his own that day or how long the earlier parts of the morning routine took. End that bubble of time with morning tea at a set time of day.

Use the same idea for the next bubble of time between morning tea and lunch and so on.

It gives your little one a sense of structure and familiarity to each day but you are not clock watching or forcing an activity to continue when it is a lost cause.