Monday, February 15, 2010

Spelling tests are challenging for me too!

I use AVKO Sequential Spelling for my 11yo. Today was not "fun". After having my hand held for several tests I am now having to create my own sentences. Ack! What do they think they are asking of a mother of 4 boys who generally has one bouncing around, one sitting in front of the television too much and another using the aforementioned mother as a mobile milk bar while she is trying to administer a test to a child who really would rather be somewhere else?

Needless my poor addled brain could not think of a sentence with "ins"! And a lot of the other sentences were mostly about food (need to go grocery shopping) and misbehaving children.

If anyone can tell me they use the word ins regularly I would love to hear about it.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz


  1. I agree. That is a hard one to use in a sentence. How about.. "The ins and outs of auto mechanics has always confounded me!"
    Just a reminder, the directions for the eighth day says "Give the word. If you can, make up a sentence for the word, or just repeat the word."
    It is always best to use a sentence, but if you can't think of a sentence, it's really ok to skip that one. Just remember, when you are using the word in a sentence, your giving understanding of the word to the child. So, it is a meaningful part of the process. However, it isn't meant to make it weary for you or the student!
    I suggest before you start the spelling with one child, you get everyone else settled first with a "quiet" project... like drawing and coloring in detail a picture of themselves. If they have a green and red checked shirt on, then the picture should have a green and red checked shirt. After the lesson, have one child collect the pictures and you get to guess who drew what picture by what they are wearing. Really, your doing two lessons... one in spelling and another in listening to and following directions.
    AVKO spelling should only take 10 to 15 min, it should work out pretty well.
    Please remember, AVKO has a curriculum consultant, (ME!)and I am happy to help you with any problems or questions. Our toll free number is 1 866 285-6612.

  2. Does insane count as a ins! (I think its one I use alot while homeschooling - big grin!) thanks for visiting my blog... I will enjoy having a look around at your posts... any ideas homeschooling with a baby and toddler are always helpful - smile. Enjoy your week