Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hate dentists!

Well, in actual fact, it isn't the dentist I hate, more the pain I tend to be in before I get the guts to make the appointment that will ease the pain.

I have a history of bad teeth. I have gaps between my teeth that do not lend themselves to easy care and I also tend to eat quite a lot of sugary/sweet foods. Result- 3 root canals already done, one since extracted just recently as it wasn't crowned before it crumbled into pieces about 2 years ago (see what I mean about not having the guts to just get it done) and now another 4 molars extracted on my left side. Now I need 3 more root canals on my right so that I have a decent chance of eating proper food instead of just nibbling everything.

Can you guess that I am becoming a lot more diligent about cleaning my teeth and flossing between them? I wish I could also cut down the sweet foods or the gluggy ones (like potato chips and bread and biscuits) as I am just so sick of the pain from food jammed into gaps between teeth.

Now I just need to bite the bullet so to speak and call the dentist on Monday to make an appointment to ease this pain. Are you "rooting" for me? Bad joke!

Best wishes
Jen in Oz

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