Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It seems to be disappearing from common use, but I much prefer the phrase Merry Christmas over Happy Christmas. It just doesn't seem right to use the new way. Maybe I am just becoming an old fuddy duddy.

I am really enjoying this Christmas season. Dh has got work and isn't stressed this year, 2 factors that I haven't had happen at the same time over the Christmas period at all in our married life. I have been able to buy presents with a budget but not so strict I am inwardly panicking. I have been able to buy special treats and make special things without worry about the normal groceries for the week after Christmas.

I know they say money isn't everything, but when it was been a rough last 16 years at Christmas either due to dh working very long hours retail, or him having very little or no work at all; well... let's just say this Christmas is being more enjoyable for us all.

So far I have iced a Christmas cake, even made an icing tree for on top and decorated it; made a batch of our favourite Fruit Mince and Chocolate Muffins; and I have even got my first ever icecream cake in the freezer. Sadly I have also eaten most of what I have made. lol

Well, if you have found this blog you are a friend or family and I would like to wish you an old fashioned Merry Christmas and I hope your family is together and happy for this very special day.


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