Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just One Thing last list

I had a few slower patches during this challenge but overall I did manage to clear out some tolerances and get a chance to reassess what else I need to do. I was impressed.

There is still another week to go before the end of June so I hope to still get more cleared off the list.

* less than 10 minutes, $ need to buy something, K can be totally delegated to kids, - will need help to get done

1. $ IN PROGRESS 13 JUNE* cover boys’ school binders with fabric and plastic
2. * assess what is needed to complete each Christmas stocking
3. * rewrite contact details onto new pages
4. K * wash air mattress with soapy water, dry then put away
5. - clean front fence
6. $ * buy timber plank to use as height marker for boys (we rent so can’t mark a door frame)
7. create lesson plan in HST for SL PreK
8. enter more into lesson plan in HST for Story of the World 1
9. $ * pay library fines so we can use the library again
10. K * check and toss pens and crayons that are no longer useable
11. * price vacuum filters and purchase if possible

1. sort out outgrown clothing pile in my bedroom
2. * take baby clothes to friend in need
3. tidy current clothing sizes for boys, put away outgrown clothing and cull current selection down to 4 sets of play clothes and 2 sets of going out clothes

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  1. Wow Jen, just looking at your lists makes me tired. Good to see they are getting shorter over time. Must mean progress!