Sunday, June 6, 2010

Updated Just One Thing list

* less than 10 minutes, $ need to buy something, K can be totally delegated to kids, - will need help to get done, __ need to be done this month

1. clean roll around in prep for painting
2. * cover boys’ school binders with fabric and plastic
3. * assess what is needed to complete each Christmas stocking
4. $ buy a tide book for 2010 and write dates in diary suitable for fishing
5. * rewrite contact details onto new pages
6. DONE 6 JUNE create chore chart that is more visual for my littler ones
7. K * wash air mattress with soapy water, dry then put away
8. - clean front fence
9. $ * buy timber plank to use as height marker for boys (we rent so can’t mark a door frame)
10. blog post – menu folders
11. blog post – cleaning schedule
12. filing backlog – blue box
13. filing backlog – pink box
14. filing backlog – cardboard box
15. create lesson plan in HST for SL PreK
16. create lesson plan in HST for SL Science 5
17. create lesson plan in HST for SL Core 6
18. enter more into lesson plan in HST for Story of the World 1
19. $ * pay library fines so we can use the library again
20. K * check and toss pens and crayons that are no longer useable
21. * price vacuum filters and purchase if possible

1. separate recipes into types eg breakfast, lunch/small meals, dinner, snacks, treats, baking
2. cull recipes once sorted
3. store recipes in a binder/s
4. $ make an island of fabric for boys so they can play with their pirate ship
5. work on meal plans for whole days (healthy lunches and snacks are hit and miss here)
6. create dividers for Christmas binder and add project pages
7. print pages to fill out BOS folder
8. sort out outgrown clothing pile in my bedroom
9. * take baby clothes to friend in need
10. tidy current clothing sizes for boys, put away outgrown clothing and cull current selection down to 4 sets of play clothes and 2 sets of going out clothes

1. DONE 3 JUNE* contact cover pages for memory activity
2. DONE 4 JUNE create a family tried and true recipe folder for recipes already used and liked
3. DONE 4 JUNE K * reset alarm clock in boys’ bedroom
4. DONE 4 JUNE * re-print monthly chore chart for my binder
5. DONE 5 JUNE - put garden edging along inside of front fence

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