Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My version of Pork Chow Mein

I put 2 packets of 2 minutes noodles in a bowl and covered with boiled water. I then cut up 1/2 capsicum, 4 mushrooms and 2 shallots. In the wok I heated up some oil, fried the noodles after draining off the water. I put the noodles aside, cooked 3 eggs in the wok, sort of lightly scrambled. Put them aside too. Put a little more oil in the wok, added 500g pork mince, 2 teaspoons of ginger from a jar and cooked it until almost all done then added in vegetables, a good slosh of soy sauce and the two packets of seasoning from the noodles. I cooked this until it seemed nicely mixed. Added in the egg, about a 1/4 of cabbage sliced up thinly and chopped into 2 inch lengths, and then a good handful of cashews.

Now, I have never had Pork Chow Mein as far as I remember, so this was just a mix up of recipes using what I had on hand. Dh and the kids liked it enough that I will be repeating it exactly as I did it this time. Sorry to anyone who has googled a recipe and thought they would be getting a genuine one.

Best wishes

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